Hurricane Season or Any Season: Be Prepared for Wind


The Southeast coast recently went through Hurricane Matthew and, although hurricanes directly affect only a portion of the United States, building and roof preparation lessons can be applied to any area of the country where severe weather can pop up. The roof is the most important building component when it comes to weather protection and […]

Consider Life-Cycle Costs When Purchasing A New Roof


Roofing projects are frequently evaluated based on initial cost, but any new roof discussion must consider multiple life-cycle cost factors, not just the initial price. Different roofing systems vary on these life-cycle factors, so it is important to compare your options to make the right roofing choice. Some systems offer substantial energy savings; some are […]

Many Hands…Light Work? Make Sure it’s the Right Roofing Work

The hands of a Royalty crew installing edge detail on a recent commercial roofing project

There’s an old adage, “many hands make light work,” but in the roofing business, if those hands don’t know what they’re doing, it can lead to catastrophe down the road. Although it’s possible that there are problems with defective roofing products, the most likely cause of failure is human installation error. A common belief is […]

Is Your Roof System Blowing in the Wind?

We Prefer it to be Firmly Secured! Check out the video below to see a commercial roofing system that has outlived its usefulness. Even the rooftop wind uplift force created by a fairly light breeze is able to make this roof billow like the sails on a schooner. After seeing this video, the building owner […]

Roof Leaks: Dripping Water and So Much More


If you’re a commercial building owner or manager and your roof is aging and/or was installed improperly, you’re likely dealing with roof leaks. Aside from the obvious annoyance of dripping water, commercial roof leaks can predict and present other, very significant problems. Here are some issues that can lurk if a leaking roof isn’t taken […]