Metal Roof Replacement

Retrofit Roofing: A Better Option Than Metal Roof Replacement

Structural standing seam metal roofing systems are among the most practical and long lasting available. Typically installed on new commercial construction projects, they offer great watertight protection for the building, and are usually a reliable and worry-free, long-term roofing choice. However, weather in all climates throughout the United States eventually compromises the integrity of these roofing systems, due to metal expansion and contraction, water seepage, the development of rust, and other factors.

With an estimated 60 billion square feet of metal roofing in place in the United States and as much as two billion more installed each year, that adds up to a lot of potential for leaks – and a lot of money spent by businesses patching and repairing those leaks, sometimes over the course of several years.

Exposure to the elements will cause metal roofs to rust and lose their integrity. Instead of metal roof replacement, let Royalty install a single-ply metal retrofit roofing system.

Before: The roof on this manufacturing facility in Louisville had lost its watertight integrity because of rust and deterioration.

rusty roof deck before single-ply metal retrofit roofing system rusted metal roof before single-ply commercial roof replacement

After: The metal retrofit solution from Royalty restores the roof’s integrity and provides high reflectivity, for summertime energy savings.

metal-retrofit-commercial-roof-system-after-1 metal-roof commercial-roof-system-after

When a structural metal roof deteriorates, a single-ply membrane retrofit roofing solution can provide a better option than metal roof replacement or continuing to repair it. Metal retrofit roofing is a cost-effective, single-ply roofing option that can usually be installed directly over existing metal roofs.

illustration of commercial metal retrofit roofing system
Royalty’s metal retrofit roofing system includes insulation to fill the metal deck flutes, another insulation layer to provide a flat surface, and the mechanically attached roofing membrane.

A durable, single-ply metal retrofit roofing system installed by Royalty will provide solid, long-term protection from the elements. Factory prefabricated to fit your building’s roof dimensions, our retrofit membrane system is efficiently installed by Royalty without disrupting your building operations. Our metal retrofit roofing solution includes necessary insulation to fill in the flutes and improve your roof’s R value. Once installed, it’s flexible enough to handle rooftop temperature extremes.

We back every installation with the best manufacturers’ warranties in the industry, plus our own 10-year Royalty Workmanship Warranty.

Are rusted roof decks and leaky seams starting to compromise your building’s watertight integrity? Click here to download our metal retrofit roofing brochure, or call us to tell us about your roofing needs.