State Licensing Information

Below is Royalty’s licensing information as required by the states that are listed:

State License /
Registration #
License Type
Alabama 48938 General Contractor
Arizona 299779 Roofing Contractor
Arkansas 0326060516 Contractor
California 1004183 Roofing Contractor
Connecticut MCO.0903441 Major Contractor
Delaware 2015604058 Contractor
Florida CCC1327861 Roofing Contractor
Idaho RCE-39166 Contractor
Illinois 104.015260 /
Roofing Contractor
Iowa C117144 Contractor
Kansas 13-116478 Roofing Contractor
Louisiana 59170 Contractor
Massachusetts CSSL-106116 Roofing Contractor
Mississippi 20456-SC Contractor
Nebraska 42307 Contractor
Nevada 0080263 Class C15 Contractor
New Mexico 384991 Contractor
North Carolina 73832 General Contracting
North Dakota 53805 Contractor
Oklahoma 80002159 Roofing Contractor
Rhode Island 245R Commercial Roofer
South Carolina G118619 General Contracting
Tennessee 00066585 Contractor
Utah 9372809-5331 Contractor
Virginia 2705151285 Contractor
Washington ROYALC*856ML Roofing Contractor
West Virginia WV049414 Contractor