Spring has Sprung – What About Your Roof?

From: Finding Roof Leaks: Three Places to Check For Leaks, FacilitiesNet

For much of the country, this past winter was unlike any in memory – recent or otherwise – with consistent frigid temperatures and relentless snowfall. It’s a safe bet that countless commercial roofs suffered damage to susceptible rooftop areas and that leaks are springing up all over the place.

So with that in mind, we’re posting a link to an article originally published by FacilitiesNet, a leading online information resource for commercial facility management professionals. Finding Roof Leaks: Three Places to Check For Leaks, discusses the following…

  • Look For Roof Leaks Near Penetrations
  • Roof Leaks On The Perimeter
  • Condensation And Roof Leaks

Regardless of where in the country your commercial facility is located, it’s a good policy to check these areas – and any other potential problem spots – regularly, to help ensure your building contents and occupants are high and dry.

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