Roof Installation Time-Lapse

Royalty completed a metal roof retrofit installation for Dean Arbour Ford in West Branch, Michigan. On this page, we showcase the steps in that installation, highlighting the efficiency of using a custom-prefabricated roof system (manufactured by Duro-Last Roofing) and the expertise of our Royalty installation crew. The short video clip immediately below shows the complete installation, from beginning to end. Following that are additional photos and descriptions of some of the specific installation details.

Here is the standing seam roof deck before installation begins. The gaps between ridges are called flutes.


Before the roof membrane can be installed over the metal deck, flutes in the metal must be filled in and covered to make the surface flat. In this photo, the “flute filler” insulation can be seen stacked next to the building.

A layer of fan-fold insulation on top of the flute filler provides a flat surface for the membrane installation.


DSCN0592-16-9 crop

Prefabricated single-ply deck sheets (manufactured to fit the dimensions of the roof) are unrolled section-by-section. Each section is mechanically attached to the roof deck and then the next section is unrolled, providing a watertight covering over the fasteners. As the deck sheets are unrolled, fastening tabs are exposed, pulled tight and mechanically attached using screws to the underlying roof deck.

Adjacent deck sheet sections are then heat-welded together to create a uniform watertight covering.


Here’s a short video that shows how prefabricated roof sheets are unrolled and fastened to the deck below.

Like deck sheets, parapet membrane material is factory-prefabricated specifically for the section to be covered. This eliminates on-the-rooftop “manufacturing” of these pieces, which is a critical feature, because changes in plane where different sections meet (vertical parapets and horizontal decks, for example, as shown below) are places where leaks can often occur.

At the top of the parapet, workers install a base cleat for two-piece compression metal edge detail.

To complete the parapet installation, a section of membrane will be placed over the top of the parapet, heat-welded to the membrane section below that’s already attached to the parapet, then secured with a metal cover that snaps on over the membrane and the base cleat.

As with deck sheets and parapet sections, flashings for HVAC curbs and other rooftop penetrations are prefabricated to fit precisely.
Royalty Duro-Last Dean Arbour Ford-0280